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This recently updated handbook is not just a guide for the guys or the future mechanics; this is a basic book for all car owners! Everyone could benefit from knowing the basics about how their engine runs, what the different fluid types are, how to perform basic maintenance, and just understanding their vehicle. Being able to properly maintain your vehicle can save you from huge repair bills later on! This book covers just about everything the car owner needs to know starting with a brief history and then getting right into how to go about buying a car. The book gives pros and cons for vehicle types and tips on how to figure out what kind of car is best for you. It also gives you examples of car loans, car maintenance, gas prices, insurance, etc. so you can figure out your budget. The book is divided into 20 chapters (including five new chapters) covering an Introduction to Automobiles, Buying an Automobile, Automotive Expenses, Repair Facilities, Safety, Basic Tools, Auto Care and Cleaning, Fluid Level Check, Electrical System, Lubrication System, Fuel System, Cooling System, Ignition System, Suspension and Steering System, Braking System, Drivetrains, Exhaust and Emissions, Alternative Fuels and Designs, Automotive Accessories, and finally, Common Problems and Roadside Emergencies. Each chapter contains an introduction, a list of objectives you should be able to complete by the end of the chapter, information presented in an easy-to-read way, helpful illustrations, relevant web links, information on automotive-related careers, suggested activities, and a chapter summary. Three appendices list all workbook activities by chapter, a list of acronyms and abbreviations, an index of text features, a glossary and an index. One other difference in the second edition is that the activities, which were previously contained on the included CD, are now found online at

If you are serious into turning this into a course or are using this for a co-op, you might want to check out the complete curriculum package. It includes the book, a workbook, and a resource CD. The workbook, which is also available separately, corresponds closely with the text and includes objectives, a summary of the chapter, terms for research, study questions, related activities, and questions on the activities. Please note that some activities require internet research. The workbook is not reproducible, so you will want to purchase extra copies for each student taking the course, or advise them to write on a separate paper. The resource CD would be extremely helpful for the teacher and contains a syllabus, a lesson plan template, printable activity outlines, PowerPoint presentation files, printable study questions, study question answer keys, chapter tests, exams, and answer keys for tests and exams. This is a great resource for people in all stages of the car ownership process. ~ Megan

The 3rd edition is new for 2013. Besides the hot red Camaro on the cover, the major change is full-color photos to make part identification easier. We will continue to offer the less expensive 2nd edition for a limited time.

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Auto Upkeep Homeschool Curriculum Kit 4ED Item #: 055263
Grades: 9-Adult
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Auto Upkeep: Maintenance, Light Repair, Auto Ownership, and How Cars Work Textbook 4th Edition Item #: 055264
Grades: 9-Adult
Retail: $45.00
Rainbow Price: $24.00

Auto Upkeep: Maintenance, Light Repair, Auto Ownership, and How Cars Work Workbook 4th Edition Item #: 055265
Grades: 9-Adult
Retail: $30.00
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