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Designed for a parent and young child to work on together, the puzzles in these books will familiarize students with simple words and concepts while helping them develop visual, language, and numerical skills. A variety of word-themed activities worksheets are provided in each book. Fun with Words is intended for 3-4 year olds, with activities like circling matching words, crossword puzzles, mazes, matching rhyming words, crossing out words that don't belong, and deciphering codes. Word Games is intended for 5-6 year olds, with activities like choosing opposites, finding hidden words, adding letters to complete words, crosswords, connecting the dots, and more. The worksheets are all fun (usually just taking 5-10 minutes) and many include black and white graphics. If kids are older or more advanced, they may even be able to complete the worksheets independently (as long as the directions were read to them). Help young kids discover the joy of word puzzles with these fun books. Answers are included. Each book 64 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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