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This is a complete course from Christian Light Education to teach girls how to cook and sew in preparation for running their own households. There are 10 different units (books) in the course, each with a different focus. The first four units cover food preparation. Unit 1 provides an introduction to the kitchen; Unit 2 discusses nutrition and food preparation; Unit 3 teaches about food shopping and kitchen organization; and Unit 4 delves into meal planning, preparation, and presentation. The next three units cover sewing, beginning with the basics and progressing through to detailed work. Unit 4 prepares you with the basics and getting started information; Unit 5 contains information on sewing for the home; and Unit 6 instructs in sewing for yourself. Then Unit 8 discusses the godly home and the responsibilities in managing it - decorating, cleaning, and maintaining. Unit 9 approaches the various stages of child growth from birth to the junior years, covering physical, mental, and spiritual growth. The last unit is a focus on the actual student, preparing her for becoming a godly woman and giving her guidance in understanding herself, God's plan, her relationship with God, friends and friendships, modesty, singlehood, and Christian courtship. Each book contains reading and comprehension and other activities to practice the skills in running a household. Answers included. - Melissa

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