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I can't imagine nicer cooking kits for young children than these, which include good-quality baking utensils and absolutely adorable kitchen timers. Each one includes either a set of oven mitts or a chef's hat, a cute animal timer, an easy-to-read recipe, and other kitchen tools you'll need, like spatulas and pans. One unique aspect of these sets is that silicone bakeware is included, not metal. Additionally, the tools and accessories are in a variety of bright colors not all pink and purple, like the L'il Gourmet sets. In comparison, I'd say that the L'il Gourmet sets are not as high in quality, but include more tools, more recipes, and more complex decorating ideas. These Little Cook Kits consist of better-quality "basics" with utensils that are bigger than the "childsize" components in L'il Gourmet kits (although cake and loaf pans are still small). Of course, children may have to watch out that Mom doesn't swipe their silicone spatulas and timers! Jess

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Ice Cream Maker (Little Cook Kits) Item #: 023567
Grades: K-6
Retail: $34.95
Rainbow Price: $19.40

Deluxe Ice Cream Lover's Kit (Little Cook Kits) Item #: 023553
Grades: K-6
Retail: $49.95
Rainbow Price: $39.95

Ice Cream Sand Castle Mini Kit (Little Cook Kits) Item #: 023575
Grades: K-6
Retail: $10.00
Rainbow Price: $5.20

Silicone Holiday Mini Cake Molds (Little Cook Kits) Item #: 023602
Grades: K-6
Retail: $14.95
Rainbow Price: $10.76

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