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These reproducible workbooks compile many of the individual subject titles of the Scholastic Success With program for each grade into one jumbo workbook. Grade 4, for example, contains the level four books for reading comprehension, tests: reading, grammar, writing, math, and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In addition, it contains a map unit and a section featuring chart, table, and graph activities in math, reading/language arts, social studies, and science. Whereas in the individual titles the worksheets are black and white, these jumbo workbooks add brilliant color to make the workbook even more enticing. All eight units are packed with engaging worksheets that cover the important subject skills for that grade level. Clear directions and examples are given at the top of each worksheet. As with the individual titles, these can be used as a supplement or homework during the school year or as a light summer refresher. Although you are getting six of the individual titles as well as two additional units, you save quite a bit of money by buying them in one, 400+ pg workbook. ~ Steph

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