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These biographies share the life stories of some remarkable authors in aconcise and captivating way. Information covered includes childhoodexperiences, schools attended and achievements made, books written, personalfriends and family, hobbies and pastimes, final years of life, and more. Themost popular books from each author (Lord of the Rings for Tolkien andThe Chronicles of Narnia for Lewis) are discussed and a list ofcharacters and plot summaries are given. Photographs of the authors, theirbooks, and friends are included throughout the book, illustrating differentperiods of their lives. Quotes from the authors are included throughout thebooks, "sticky-note" boxes serve as captions to photos and include valuableinformation, and "Find out More" and "Inside Information" boxes offerespecially interesting tidbits about the authors and their interests. Withgeneral and personal information about the authors, captivating photos, andbook summaries, these books hold a wealth of information. So, what name didTolkien give his first car? What character did Lewis base on his gardener? Whydid Tolkien think he was like a Hobbit? Read and find out! 48 pgs each, pb. ~Rachel

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