RediSpace Transitional Notebook Paper

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This full-size paper is designed to help students transition from wide-lined writing paper to wide-ruled notebook paper with no dotted midline. Pages are 8 ½ by 11 inches with vertical placement and 3/8 inch line spacing. Margins are marked in green at the left and red on the right to remind students that writing begins at the left and stops at the right side of the page. The word 'go' is printed in green at the top of the left margin, and 'stop' is printed in red at the top of the right margin. Every line is divided into ¼ inch spaces onto which students place one letter per space in order to reinforce proper letter spacing and size. Tips for successful use are printed in the front of each 50-page notebook. Pages are 3-hole punched and can be easily removed from the notebook. Storybook paper is also full-size with a picture space at the top half of the front, space for the child to write their name (divided into spaces like the lines) above the picture area, and a full page of printing space on the reverse. Developed by a mother and pediatric occupational therapist, the goal is to make the transition a little more stress-free by working on common issues encountered by young writers. ~ Donna

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