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The worksheets in these books are very appealing. Unlike many other phonics series, the presentation is not repetitious. Exercises are varied to maintain student interest. Word searches, puzzles, matching, drawing, sentence completion, yes or no, word choice - each page is a "new" adventure. While some children may thrive on routine, mine seem to find such diversity invigorating and, consequently, pay more attention to their "work". I also appreciate having a separate page for each phonogram rather than lumping all homophones together on a sheet, since I present each construct separately in phonetic instruction. For example, the vowel book has individual pages for a_e, ai, ey, ay which all "say" long a. Vowel Sounds concentrates on long vowels only and also includes open e, ea, ee, ey, ie, y to say long e; i, i_e, and y for long i; o, oa, o_e and ow for long o; and ew, oo, u_e for long u. Blends covers each blend on a separate page as well (rather than in groups) with pages on br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, sc, sm, sn, sw, tw, sk, sp, st, scr, spl, spr, str and ending blends sk, sp, st, ft, ld, lf, lm, lp, mp, nd, and nt. Digraphs 1 presents ch, sh, th, wh, ck, zz, ss, ff, ll, ar, ow, ir, oo, or, oy, ur, ou, er, all, ie, qu, u (as in pull), a, oi, oe, ue, ng, nk, nch, shr, thr, squ and tch. Digraphs 2 includes ear, air, eer, wor, au, wa, alk, ie, augh, oar, ea, ough, our, war, o (as in glove), ore, ear (as in pearl), are, ge, gi, gy, dge, ce, ci, cy, igh, ph, ch, aw, le, el. You can see these provide fairly complete treatment except for a few vowel digraphs (like eigh) and silent letters. If your student is growing a little tired of those redundant phonics exercises, you might try injecting a little novelty into the task with these.

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