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A versatile series: selections from great authors, recall, vocabulary & analysis exercises, good teacher support, and well-structured courses. Students can work somewhat independently – another plus. Perhaps most interestingly, the reading level is solidly middle school and at that level the courses are solid but since the course titles and corresponding reading selections more typically align with high school level courses, they could be used for non college-prep high school completion by students who struggle with reading and for whom the typical high school literature choices would be unattainable.

The hardback Student Texts are well-chosen anthology collections designed to introduce the student to great works of literature and their authors as well as to develop an appreciation for the beauty of language in a variety of forms. The American, British, and World courses also provide an historical timeline. Each selection is sandwiched between a pre-reading section (encouraging the student to consider background information as well as literary terms, vocabulary, and writing suggestions) and a post-reading section (comprehension and critical thinking questions, grammar tidbits, and writing, speaking, listening, and research suggestions). Selections vary with the course as you would expect but typically include major authors and an historical perspective as well as a variety of prose and poetry. Extensive appendices intersect with all areas of language arts (i.e. grammar and writing references, speaking, listening, and viewing references, media & technology).

Student Workbooks cover historical background, recall and analysis questions, vocabulary, literary analysis, and review for each unit. Activities that correspond to the reading selection include crosswords, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and short essay. Homeschool Bundles include the Student Text, Student Workbook, and Teacher's Resource Library. Teacher's Resource Library is a CD-ROM providing activities, tests, and resources (pdf files) with complete answer keys. The activities are similar to but different than those in the Student Workbook. System Requirements: Windows 98, Millennium, NT, 2000, and XP. Mac OS 9.1 – 9.2 or Mac OS 10.1 – 10.2. ~ Janice

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