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Jack London sought to entertain his readers and not only accomplished his goal but also presented his ideas about what the world is like wanting his readers to believe and accept them. Accordingly, the reader needs to be wary. This five week guide through two of London's most popular books – White Fang and Call of the Wild – provides an excellent literary assessment of these two books as well as a primer in understanding the importance of identifying worldview in literature, paying particular attention to naturalism. Assuming that one hour per day will be spent in the study, two weeks are allotted for each book's study with the remaining week covering the accompanying DVD lecture (including a note-taking activity) – The Death of Evolution by Douglas Wilson – an essay-writing assignment, and reviewing for and taking the final exam.

Weekly reading assignments from the two books are "guided" meaning that discussion questions (answer keys included) are provided along with worldview terms as vocabulary words. Each week's study culminates with a quiz. Student pages are reproducible for home or classroom use. Coil-bound, 61 pgs. ~ Janice

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